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Santushthi International is rapidly expanding. With the increasing ease of exporting grains to different parts of the world, the company is looking at a phenomenal growth chart over the next few years. Unmatched quality of grains, the state of the art facilities, and a group of people willing to work hard to succeed makes Santushthi International the perfect choice to work with.

We are currently pursuing various channel partners and are looking to add more to our ever-expanding group. As a family business, we value each and every person in our organization. We provide an environment to grow and expand.

Our channel partners will enjoy a long term invigorating relationship with Santushthi International. The channel partner will receive a part of the profits from the products that they sell. We provide the guarantee that our rice is the best quality and certified. This ensures that the channel partner came communicate these features with the end consumers, and at the same time, building a reputation for themselves.

At every step of the partnership, from the beginning of the partnership to selling products, transparency will be maintained. The channel partner will be equally involved in the decision-making process. In turn, Santushthi International expects them to adhere to the terms and conditions of their contract.

To ensure a fruitful relationship, the channel partners will have to meet certain expectations each quarter. The main aim is to expand business and bring in more sales for rice, pulses, wheat, spices and tea. We expect our channel partners to be fully committed to these goals. One of their responsibilities will include handling sales of rice in their region. They will also be expected to market on behalf of Santushthi International in their region. This serves the dual purpose of expanding their own business and making Santushthi International a household name.

Our aim is to create a trustworthy, global network of channel partners. While we make the product in house, our channel partners will be an integral part of the supply chain by assisting us in getting the finished product to the end user. Our ever-expanding company aims to create partnerships based on quality product, hard work and integrity.

For more information about how you can become one of our channel partners, you can get in touch with us via the contact form, or call us on the number provided on the website to find out more about our operations.

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